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Committed to Leadership

Vistas for Children could not exist without the commitment of our leadership.  Each spring, the Nominating Committee meets to fill our slate of the Board of Directors.  Thank you to our Board of Directors for your time and talent to support our mission.

Our President’s Message

Marcia AugustVistas President
I am both humbled and pleased to welcome you to an organization, Vistas for Children, founded over forty years ago to help visually impaired children. Today it’s all volunteer group of amazing women who devote their talents and hearts to raising money to help at risk and under privileged, underserved, special needs children and their families within our local community.

Vistas for Children is recognized for its careful grant process supporting worthwhile children’s programs and institutions in our community. We, as an organization, go through a 4-tierd grant review and approval process to determine where the money that is raised will be given each year. As a result of our fundraising, Vistas has appropriated approximately $7,700,000 to deserving charities since 1978.

As your president, I intend to bring new ideas to the planning table, continuing to create lasting bonds of friendship, while focusing on our mission to raise funds for special needs children and their families. I am confident that as you become a new member, you will find the joy that we, as members of Vistas, share in working together to make life a little better for those in need. Thank you for taking the next step in learning more about us and join us.

Your President,

Marcia August

2022-2023 Executive Board of Directors

President: Marcia August

President Elect: Karen Anlauf

Past President: Josephine Balzano

Treasurer: Julie Christian

Standards: Dawn Anfuso

Vice President Membership: Kim Bright

Vice President Philanthropy: Rene Mizuguchi & Nadia Elgraby

1st Vice President Fall Fundraiser: Katrina Goldberg & Jayanna Howerton

2nd Vice President Spring Fundraiser: Megan Dufresne & Lorrie Pethick

Junior Vistas: Golnaz Eslami

Recording Secretary: Judy Tolin

Corresponding Secretary: Stephanie Wells

Publicity: Antonia Lavendar

Alumni Liaisons: Renee Berliner, Nadine Bobit, Teri Hogan & Lisa Smith

Sponsorships: Lisa Lahr

Marketing: Lisa Waxman and Sue Kim

2022-2023 Committee Directors

Database Administrator: Robyn Peacock

Website Administrator: Susan Ramirez

Hospitality: Fiona Bryan

Tennis Tournament: Cindy Percz, Karen Anlauf & Robyn Peacock

Historian: Arachely Carroll

Chosen Families: Claudia Dickins

Corresponding Secretary/Thank You Letters: Stephanie Wells

Grant Writing: Dawn Anfuso

Children’s Production: Golnaz Eslami

ByLaws: TC Sayles

Social Media: Sue Kim

Social Director: Cheryl Medina

Standards Assistant: Renee Van Fleet

Parliamentarian: Cindy Percz

Prior Presidents

We gratefully acknowledge the Founders and Presidents of Vistas for Children.  Their past vision and leadership are the reasons we are such a strong and viable organization today and why we can continue the mission of Vistas for Children into the future.

Patty Sullivan – Founder 1978-1982

Susan Darcy 1982-1983

Christine Leigh (Falvey) 1983-1984

Carol Fitzpatrick 1985-1986

Diana Grannis 1986-1987

Anne Wold 1987-1988

Louise Davis 1988-1989

Suzanne Thorton 1989-1990

Nan Harman 1990-1992

Suzi Broeg 1992-1993

Karen Odom 1993-1995

Kathi May 1995-1996

Debby Kammerer 1996-1998

Margo Goldsboro 1998-2003

Mary Hazelrigg 2003-2004

Caro Miguelez 2004-2005

Nadine Bobit 2005-2007

Amy Ricci 2007-2009

Helaine Lopes 2009-2011

Eileen Krock/T.C. Sayles 2011-2014

T.C. Sayles 2011-2014

Pam Branam 2014-2016

Cindy Percz 2016-2018

Teri Nelson Carpenter 2018-2020

Josephine Balzano 2020-2022

Honorary Members

Jackie Andrews

Roxan Bakerjian

Renee Berliner

Peggi Collins

Lisa Lahr

Shari Sunada

Kim Vallery

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