Junior Vistas

Junior Vistas—our co-ed junior philanthropy program.

Junior Vistas for Children is a co-ed philanthropy program for the children of members that was founded in June of 2000.  Children between the ages of six and eighteen are invited for membership.

The mission of Junior Vistas for Children is “to raise awareness towards the needs of less fortunate children in the local communities. By participating in fundraising and community service events, we intend to support these needs and bring hope to these children.”

Our goal is to introduce our younger members to the spirit of volunteerism by hands-on participation in various community events throughout the year.

Some of these events include:

  • Participating in Layla Paige’s Nature Walk for Trinity Kids Care
  • Distributing holiday gifts for needy children and their siblings for Chosen Families
  • Volunteering at the Friendship Circle Snow Park
  • Sponsoring Pediatric Therapy Network’s annual Easter Egg Hunt
  • Assisting children with vision impairment at a special Build-A-Bear Workshop

One of the highlights of the year is participating as the opening act in the annual Fashion Show.  The children learn choreography to two dances that are coordinated to the theme of the show and it is always a fan favorite.

Through these events they are developing empathy, compassion, gratitude and community responsibility.

The Junior Vistas also participate in the grant process by: evaluating grant applications, understanding the funds requested and how they intend to use any funds, and make decisions on where to grant the funds that are available to them for distribution.

Our hope is to empower our Junior Vistas to realize they can have a positive impact in their community.

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