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Our History

Vistas for Children, Inc. (formerly Vistas for Blind Children, Inc.) is a distinguished philanthropic organization comprised of a 100% volunteer group of women from the Greater South Bay area.

Since our inception in 1978, the hallmark of Vistas has been its unconditional commitment to children. This includes, but is not limited to, children who are multi-disabled, abused, homeless, terminally ill, suffer from pediatric illnesses, or born with retinoblastoma (cancer of the eye). To put it succinctly, Vistas for Children wants to be there for children who are in need through no fault of their own.

Our Mission

Vistas New Members 2018-2019

The mission of Vistas for Children is to raise funds to help special needs children and to be a system of support for these children and their families.

Vistas for Children is recognized for carefully researching and supporting sound and worthwhile children’s programs, institutions and community projects.

Over $7 Million Dollars Raised

We support these children primarily by hosting annual fall and spring fund-raising events. As a result of our hard work, we have appropriated over $7,000,000 to these very deserving charities.

We welcome you, our community friend, to be our philanthropic partner and support our fundraising efforts. Your support to our organization is crucial to the many families who depend upon Vistas for Children for their financial and emotional support. We thank you for joining our Vistas family and empowering us to put smiles on the faces of these beautiful children.

Junior Vistas

Junior VistasIn June of 2000, Vistas for Children founded a co-ed junior philanthropy program, the Junior Vistas. All Vistas for Children members’ children between the ages of six and eighteen are eligible for membership. The mission of Junior Vistas is “to raise our awareness towards the needs of less fortunate children in our local communities. By participating in fund-raising and community service events, we intend to support these needs and bring hope to these children.”

The Junior and Teen Vistas meet throughout the year and participate in both fund-raising and community service projects. These young volunteers take pride in supporting “hands-on” projects for children, some of which include: distributing holiday gifts for needy children and their siblings; volunteering at special events such as PTN’s Camp Escapades; sponsoring PTN’s annual Easter Egg Hunt; volunteering at Richstone’s Family Halloween Carnival; volunteering at the Friendship Circle Snow Park in December; and raising funds at the annual Fashion Show held at the Terranea Resort in November of each year.

Each year they also create stuffed animals at the Build-A-Bear Workshop where they stuff, stitch, fluff and dress these furry friends, to be delivered to the children being cared for by the staff at the TrinityKids Care Hospice program.

The Teen Vistas also evaluate all grant applications presented to Vistas for Children to understand the funds requested, how they intend to use any funds provided by Junior Vistas, and make decisions on where to grant the funds that are available to them for distribution. Through these events they are developing empathy, compassion, gratitude and community responsibility. They are also learning leadership skills by setting up a one-day micro business and handling all aspects, including gathering of items to sell, pricing, selling, and reconciling income and expenses.

Vistas is proud of this unique and energetic addition to our fund-raising family, and we encourage all boys and girls to become involved in the communities in which they live.


Vistas Grants

Grant Recipients

This year, Vistas for Children is proud to award grants to 22 deserving charitable organizations that serve the children of our community. These organizations share the values and mission of Vistas for Children, and provide needy children within our community with food, shelter, crucial medical treatment and/or counseling and rehabilitative services.  Please click here for more information on the organizations supported by Vistas for Children.

Each spring, charitable organizations that share the values and principles of Vistas for Children are invited to submit a Grant Application.  These applications are carefully screened and reviewed by the Board of Directors.  Grants are approved and bequeathed by the beginning of summer.

Grant Application

Grant applications are accepted each year between the dates of February 1 to April 1. Organizations wishing to submit a grant application can click here to download the Vistas Grant application form 2019-2020.


Chosen Families

The founders of our organization began this benevolent Vistas for Children tradition.  Each year, we “adopt” very special families.  These families are referred to us by the reputable charities we serve.  We support our chosen families by providing them with the items they need, but are unable to attain, to support a healthy lifestyle.  These items and services include, but are not limited to, groceries, medicine, basic sundries, clothing and other life essentials.  We help the children in our adopted families celebrate special occasions and holidays with age-appropriate gifts.  This hands-on project allows Vistas members to supply the items, wrap and decorate any special occasion gifts, and personally deliver them to our special families.


We would like to thank our sponsors for sharing our vision and for their generous support of Vistas for Children.

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