Junior Vistas hosted the PTN Annual Easter Egg Hunt on Sunday March 26th at Wilson Park for 150 special needs children.

The following is what Cheryl Ward (PTN – Development Director ) wrote about the event:  “What an awesome, carefree day the Junior Vistas made for our families.  Please share with them how grateful we are for all their hard work.  The Junior Vistas (and parents) should all feel very proud of the experience they created for our little ones. We had over 150 children come out.  That all came from our program for children living in poverty, our social skills program for children with Autism, or our preschool for children with developmental delays and disabilities.

The Junior Vistas members were some of the best volunteers I have ever seen interacting with our children.  They were gentle and attentive with them.

Thank you again for your support for the children of PTN.”

Shari Sunada and Lisa Lahr did a great job gathering volunteers and creating a fun, joyful environment for the event.  Thanks to all the volunteers who came and helped.  They could not have done it without you.  Also, much gratitude goes to the Vistas members who sponsored the booths and events.  Finally, a big “shout out” to Steven Kaufman who was our guest of honor (in the bunny suit).

I love Vistas when we support programs like this.   The Vistas Vibe is alive!